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An informal talk with the Di Luca brothers!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Hey everyone,

I want to share with you part of the interview that resulted in my romance From the Baroness’s Diary III, the Happily Ever AfterS.

Lady Chloé and her mother-in-law, Paola Di Luca, are perhaps two of the most enthusiastic advocates of polyandry I ever met.

They received me and X, which by now, you have already discovered is Laetitia MacCraig’s alias.

Well-ensconced on Enzo’s lap, Chloé grinned mischievously when I asked if she was ready to start the interview questions because I couldn’t wait to learn more about her love life.

She looks much younger than her fifty-five years, with a toned body much younger women would die for.

Maybe it’s the peacefulness, happiness and…naughtiness. Maybe it would be a good idea to get myself a harem, too.

But I digress.

So, come with me and meet Chloé, Enzo, Salvatore, and Angelo!

Question: How do you manage to juggle the sexual needs of three husbands?

Laughter in the room

Chloé: I can't think of a single drawback to having three husbands. I feel exactly the same way about all of them. Plus, I am never alone. When one or two brothers are away on business, I sleep with the third.

Enzo: We work things out very well between us.

Salvatore: Translated that means Enzo often arranges for Angelo and I to have business in London.

Angelo: We all get along and between us, we've got four children.

Whispered question: Is it not too much at times?

Chloé: Do you know that Lou Bega’s song? "A little bit of Monica in my life, A little bit of Erica by my side, A little bit of Rita is all I need", more men offer more emotional support—not to mention the sexual benefits.

My men have different strengths, styles, points of views, all coming together to be amazing. It also provides me different sexual experiences, eliminating monotony that inevitably happens in all long-term relationships. The variety ultimately keeps all of our sex lives exciting.

I have a little bit of the best there is to have of Enzo, Salvatore, and Angelo, and that’s all I need. And if I need a break, they all take the children for a day out and I spend a full day doing nothing.

Question: What is the secret to your happy family life?

Chloé: Love, I’ve discovered, is the cure for many ills. My husbands’ love saved my life.

Question: How do three men play the role of father?

Chloé: My husbands give our children the best food, shelter and education that we can, and when one father is away, the other steps in to take care of the children.

Angelo: We are just like any other family, except there are four parents instead of two.

Enzo: Which means the children have more attention than in a normal family.

Salvatore: Compared to many families today, we’re much more normal.

Question: How do you mean?

Salvatore: Well, we actually know our children. I know some people where the families are like strangers living in the same house. Everyone is so independent, involved in their own lives, and when they happen to be in the house at the same time, each one is occupied on their phone or computer.

With us, sure, we have electronics and are connected to the world, but I would say our familial connection is more central. And, of course, we have the common goal as we work on together with our family business.

Question: Do you know who is whose father?

Angelo: When they were little, we often looked at them and tried to guess who made who.

Enzo: Federico adored Angelo but I always guessed he’s mine because of his easy going nature.

Angelo snorts and adds: Vittorio spent so much of his time trailing after Enzo and absorbing all things wine related, but I am sure he is Salvatore’s.

Salvatore: Maxima, that’s easy. Though she idolized all of us, she’s Angelo’s.

Paola: Now, Lorenzo…he has shown a remarkable aptitude for animals early on, and I swear that the kid communicates with dogs, horses, and all four-legged animals, because they do whatever he wants them to. No matter which one of my sons I look to, I can’t come up with an explanation for his personality.

Chloé: When he wasn’t threatening to burn down the house, he was the quickest to want a hug and a snuggle from me. And since I needed a male to do the deal, I wondered if there hasn’t been a mix-up at the hospital. But then he grew and there’s no doubt that he was my son. So, we don’t care about these details.

Question: Did you plan to have so many?

Salvatore: Of course not. She came to Italy to stay with me.

Chloé rolls her eyes at Salvatore: She means those hoodlums you call your children.

Salvatore: My children? Madonna mia, no. It wasn’t my idea to have so many.

Angelo: Well, it wasn’t mine.

Enzo coming back to the room from his quick absence carrying a tray with their special white wine and crystal glasses: What are we arguing about?

Salvatore and Angelo, at the same time: Your children.

Enzo, looking dazzled at Chloé: Cazzo. How the hell did I get blamed for the heathens?

Chloé: Well, I damn sure didn’t get pregnant by myself. And none of your brothers are claiming responsibility. So, be a dear, accept the blame, and serves us this delicious wine.

Laughter in the room as Enzo shakes his head but does exactly as Chloé tells him.

Question: Have you ever wanted to do a DNA test now that they are available?

Chloé: Non, pas du tout! Salvatore is the official father to all the children and that’s enough for us.

Enzo: But we see the children as belonging to us, communally.

Comes in Vittorio, their older son: And we see ourselves as having been fathered collectively, at least in spirit, if not in sperm.

So, this is it for now.

Next week, I will share with you my exclusive interview with Angelo and on the week after next, the Di Luca children will share their thoughts on their parents' life!

Stay tuned.


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