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A bestselling author on Amazon, Apple Books, and USA Today.

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It's Free!

Only for my subscribers, and for a limited time, The Nuptial Night can be downloaded for free.



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Visit Cris's love shop and discover the cute things she has there.


Shades of Trust


Get to know the tetralogy "Shades of Trust" from the TRUST Series, and follow the love triangle formed by billionaires Sophia, Ethan, and Alistair on their journeys in search of happiness.

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Where it all began...

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Click on the books to see the synopses, trailers, and store links. E-books compatible with Kindle are available for purchase.


E-books compatible with Kindle

Do you only read on Kindle and haven't found Cris's books on Amazon?

Ever More Series

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The EVER MORE series tells the story of four seductive billionaires, partners of the Blackthorn Corporation, who despite having everything... lack love.

The Aristocrats Series

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Welcome to Eastern Europe.

In the Balkans, in 3 small kingdoms, there are the last bachelors of the fine flower of European royalty and several criminals who want to kill them.

The Trust Series


The TRUST series continues in

Shades of Love

It all started with Shaded Love... and it may not end in Perilous Love.

Visit the

Ever More Universe

 and watch all the trailers.


The Aristocrat Universe

and watch all the trailers.

Visit the

Trust Universe

and watch all the trailers.




The Diaries Universe

and watch all the trailers.


Praise to the authorCristiane Serruya  and her works!

It was like reading Jane Austen or William Shakespeare, but in modern English.

M. Richardson

United States

It's onde of those series that keep you glued to the end and, after it ends, you keep asking yourself to where your life will finally go!

Criti…que…don’t criti…cize


… a romantic, sexy, absolutely beautiful and emotional story, written by a  marvelous writter with an incredible domain of the language.

Charles Smith

United States

Nora Roberts meets 50 Shades of Gray.

Paula Penteado


The story gradually enfolds, enchanting the reader and touching your heart strings. Read and you will find another Nora Roberts in her heydays.


United States


Take a stroll through the site and discover everythingCris  prepared for you!

Are you crazy about autographs?

Autographed printed books, with personalized dedications or not, can be purchased exclusively here!

Do you already have the book?

You can also order the AUTOGRAPH SHEET by mail and paste it on the back cover of your book!

Meet the author!

If Cris is visiting your city and you wish to meet her, arrange with a group of reader friends and send her an email or a DM. She'll surely make room to meet you. 

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