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The Diaries Universe


Come and meet Lady Chloé, she will introduce you to her most virile lovers. 

Enter the secret life of this fascinating woman and discover her unusual and sensual lifestyle.

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The Diaries


From the Baroness's Diary 1

The Erotic Escapades of Baron Beardley's Wife

At age 18, Lady Chloé marries Baron Beardley, an older English aristocrat, and moves to the English countryside. Soon, the young and beautiful Baroness discovers that, at Beardley Manor, flirtations can lead to erotic escapades. 


From the Baroness's Diary 2

The Adventures – and Misadventures – of Lady Chloé

At Beardley Manor, Chloé experiences erotic escapades and seeks to understand her husband's obsession with an heir. More mature, she explores the pleasures of sex, but also wants to discover the enigmas of love with her lover, the Italian gardener, Salvatore. An audacious and sensual novel, ideal for nighttime reading.


From the Baroness's Diary 3

The  Happy  Endings

Chloé travels to Italy in search of her old love, Salvatore. Upon arriving in Sicily, his life changes when he meets Enzo and Angelo, as well as meeting Salvatore again. Even though she is involved with the three of them, her past catches up with her, threatening her happiness. Perfect for fans of ardent romances, with an unconventional plot featuring three Italians devoted to theirprincipessa.

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Chloé The Diaries, books 1-3

Lady Chloé will leave you breathless and wanting more!

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