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Seductive Cookbooks


Prepared by my characters, tested and approved by me, just for you!

Have you ever read a book of mine with characters cooking and wanted the recipe?

I'm compiling some recipes my characters have cooked into a delicious e-cookbook. From Laetitia's unique and delicious Scottish strawberry shortcake recipe - yes! the one she prepared for Tavish Uilleam, in Unpredictable Love, to the delicious arancini that Enzo put in Chloé's mouth, in From the Baroness's Diary 3. 

Meanwhile, if you're in the mood for Chloé's scone, or Ava's Norwegian cake, or just want to satisfy your craving for Giulianna's delicious sweets, you can download the little books I've prepared for you here and enjoy two of the best pleasures of life - books and food - because each recipe will be accompanied by an excerpt from a book, if not an entire book. 


So what are you waiting for?

Black Bun, Scottish Fruit Cake


Read Perilous Love first chapters of as you bake the gift of gods Black Bun and some other scrumptious Scottish recipes, guaranteed to make your mouth water!

Who needs Eggnog & Cookies?


Read the first chapters of Hot Winter as you bake the tasty cookies Barbara made to lure Sebastian out of his lair and prepare Sebastian's fave eggnog recipe!

Mangia che te fa bene!


Delight yourself with The Happily Ever AfterS first ten chapters, as you cook the delicious recipes Chloé, Enzo, Salvatore, and Angelo selected for you!

Royal Pheasant & German Wedding Cake


Ludwig will tell you he'll never forget the royal pheasant and the German cake served on Angus & Siobhan's wedding. After all, it was there he met the love of his life, Princess Angelica.

Irish comfort food, Chocolate Chips cookies, & Orange cake


Siobhan Faulkner is pregnant with the Lektenstaten royal heir. And nothing better for pregnancy sickness than Colcannon, but she couldn't pass the delicious chocolate chip cookies Esmeralda bakes for her.

Norwegian cakes & a romantic Petit Gâteau


Ava Larsen loves to bake easy-to-do Norwegian desserts, which entice the senses. But that's not all: Aleksander Maximilian has his own romantic ideas for a surprise dessert, which will steal your heart!'s so unfair


Giulianna Foreman knows the secrets of exotic seduces and entices, and it makes her life even more sweet than it already is! And she will tell you all!

Beardley Manor Afternoon Tea Heavenly Scones


Lady Chloé swears: this is easy to do and delicious!

Caramel truffles!


Sophia guarantees: "When I finished these truffles and tasted them, I went to the moon and back in a split second. The only thing better than these truffles is Alistair Connor’s sinful kiss." 

Frothy Cappucino and Cinammon Pastry Sticks


After an orgy of passion and sweets, how about some thought-provoking reading…and more sweets?

Strawberry Scottish pie


Laetitia promises: this recipe will make any man fall in love with you!

Coming soon, the recipes for Much More than Passion.

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