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For Amazon Readers

When you purchase an e-book on Amazon, it automatically syncs to your Kindle because Amazonredo you know their own programs.

But, in case you didn't know, you can also send books, as well as documents, purchased elsewhere to your Kindle and read them there as easily as if you had purchased them from Amazon itself.

If you don't already have your Kindle app on your phone, just click here.

It's much simpler than you might think, but I'll explain everything so you can understand well.

Follow me through the steps below and you'll see how easy it is! 

How to send the e-book to your Kindle
On the cellphone

Go to your Kindle app from on your cell phone. In the bottom right bar, click "MORE". And then click "settings". 

In cell 3.jpeg
In cell 1.jpeg
In cell 2.jpeg

Almost there! Before you buy the book(s) on PAYHIP, read the last instructions: PayHip will send you an email with the file. Click to download it. Now you just have to resend it from there to your Kindle email, using your Amazon registration email.

If you have a Kindle tablet, you can send it there too. But be careful, each Kindle application has its own email. Then you should check the email address on your Kindle tablet, or the Kindle app on your iPad or computer.

On the computer

On your computer, go to your Amazon account (*. At theyour upper right side, click "Accounts and Lists". And then click "Manage your content and devices". 

Step 1.png

Now, on this new page, near the top, you will see PREFERENCES. Click there.

Scroll down and clickPersonal document settings.

Below, you will see all your devices to which you can send the e-book or document, and your emails @kindle correspondents. Yes, you can send to more than one device. Just take note of each person's email address.

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 20.23.19.png
Easy step.png

Then, scroll further down the screen and you will see a button to add the your email address of which you will send the documents and books to be recognized. If you send more than one email (I do this), take advantage and post them all straight away. **

step 3.png

Almost there! Before you purchase the book(s) on PAYHIP, read the last instructions: PayHip will send you an email with the file. Click to download it. If it's on your cell phone, you can resend it from there to your Kindle email. If you're on your computer, save it wherever you want and then share it via email with your Kindle.

READY! Now, it's just buy your Kindle e-book here on the website and start reading!

*If your account is as old as mine and is still on, there is no problem. The procedure is the same, only in English. If you have any doubts, you can write to me and I will resolve your queries.

** Oh. Tip: If an independent author or publisher wants to send you an e-book, this is the same place you register their email, okay? 


Still have questions? Send me one email.

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