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15 curiosities about the British royal family

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding approaches, we are even more curious about what royal life should be like. For Meghan it must be a huge change, for which she must have been preparing for months, in order to finally assume her role as the new royal Duchess.

In my new release, Royal Affair, I delve into the universe of monarchy and present you with the story of Princess Angelica de Castella y Aragon and Grand Duke Ludwig von Kröenenberg from Lektenstaten and their love and the barriers to it happening amidst the real traditions and the love for their kingdoms.

As an affictionada for royals, I know a lot about the rules which surrounded them, so I have prepared some curiosities about the British royal family, so that you know a little more about those weird rules.

After the queen finishes her meal, no one can continue to eat At family dinners or not, it is a good idea for family members to be quick to eat, or for the Queen to be a little slower, for when Queen Elizabeth II ends her meal, all others should stop eating.

The bride’s bouquet must always have myrtles All royal brides must have myrtle, the herb sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, in their wedding bouquet. A sprig of myrtle from Queen Victoria’s wedding bouquet was planted as a slip, and sprigs from it have continually been included in royal wedding bouquets.

Before a marriage proposal, there must be family approval It does not matter if the bride accepted the proposal. There will only be marriage if the queen approves. The descendants of British royalty must follow the Royal Wedding Act of 1722 which states that the royal family must give their approval before there can be an official request for a marriage.

Public displays of affection are prohibited, especially when traveling abroad Holding hands is also something the British royal family refuses to do. William and Kate do not hold hands in public. Megan and Harry, for now, still do that.

The royal family cannot state opinions or express political positions Voting, speaking publicly of politics, or running for political office of any nature are some of the things that British royalty is not allowed to do.

Royals cannot play Monopoly It may seem strange, but the royal family cannot play any game and therefore is not allowed to play Monopoly or other board games. The rule exists so there are no game addicts in the family.

All dinners are carefully planned The Office of the Marshal of the Court organizes the dinners, including the seating. Usually, places are in order of precedence which takes into account factors such as age, language, and interests. As the Queen also has to follow rules, she initiates conversation with the person sitting to her right, and on the second plate, she speaks to the person sitting to her left.

Selfies and autographs are on the list of things the royal family cannot do As much as we are fans of the family, we’ll not have such memorabilia ever.

When traveling, they should always carry a whole black clothing set All members should be prepared with a set of clothing that is appropriate for a funeral in the event of a sudden death. The tradition began when Queen Elizabeth returned from traveling after learning of the death of her father, King George V, and there was no black dress in her suitcase to go straight to the funeral.

In formal events, women should wear hats Hats are a must. But if the event is inside or under a ceiling, after 6 p.m., hats are exchanged for tiaras. Still, tiaras are reserved only for married women.

It is expected that members of the royal family will be able to speak several languages And so, Prince George has already begun to learn to count in Spanish.

The Queen’s bag sends some subtle signals to its staff. If the bag is placed on the Queen’s left arm, it indicates that she is ready to end a conversation, if she puts it on the right, her staff should cut off the conversation. If the Queen puts her purse on the table, dinner will officially end in the next five minutes.

Nicknames are totally forbidden Although the press refers to the Duchess of Cambridge as Kate Middleton, she should only go by the name of Catherine.

The position of the chin also has rules Women should place their chin so that it is parallel to the floor.

Prince Philip must always walk behind the Queen Ever since they were married, the Prince has to walk a few steps behind Queen Elizabeth II.

Hope you have liked these tidbits. If you like reading about the royals and enjoy romance, the Last Royals Series will give you hours of pleasure. Grab yours now!


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