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The Aristocrats Universe

The Aristocrats Series novels are  standalone, but following the order increases the pleasure.

They were born with a silver spoon but to achieve their most intimate dreams they will have to fight. A lot.

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Seductive Aristocrat

Theodoros, King of a small country, meets Catherine at a wedding and, after a night together, she becomes pregnant. The Queen mother tries to prevent the commoner from being crowned Queen, while a revenge plan puts the throne and the heir that Catherine carries at risk. Seductive Aristocrat is the first volume of the Aristocrats Series, a romantic suspense with mysteries, billionaire alpha males, strong heroines.

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Forbidden Aristocrat

Grand Duke Ivan Danesti-Lieven has promised never to give in to love again, but Verushka defies him. When she leaves him without a goodbye, he decides to win her heart. However, Zahara's law does not allow the crown princess to marry foreigners and her ex-fiancé is back, wanting her hand and the throne. This is the plot of a romance with twists and challenges for the couple.


Powerful Aristocrat

King Konstantine Vorontsov needs to put an end to the uprising in his kingdom and pardons a terrorist, Annika Tataryn, to dismantle the secret group. Annika must collude with the king to stay alive, but a month with Konstantine will test her values and limits. Even though they are enemies, they desire each other and discover that not even a king has authority over love. This is the plot of a romance with a tormented king and a seductive beauty.


Taciturn Aristocrat

Tomorrow will be too late to say I love you.

Scheduled for winter 2023.


Spicy Aristocrat

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