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The Trust Universe

Where it all began...


Meet Sophia, Ethan, and Alistair in this seductive romantic suspense series made of passion, lust, and love!

The universe of the TRUST series revolves around the family and friends of Sophia Espírito Santo, Alistair Connor MacCraig and Ethan Ashford. The Espírito Santo-MacCraig family is large and has numerous branches, all with hot men and strong women, and they can't wait to see each other in an intelligent, sweet and passionate romance!

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The Emoções Series won the gold medal in the romance category of Readers’ Favorite International Literary Contest in 2013.


Careful: This author is not responsible for melted tablets, singed fingers, or boyfriends attacked in the middle of the night...


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Entwined Fates

Ethan, a steel entrepreneur with a traumatic past, meets Sophia during a snowstorm at Heathrow Airport and falls in love with her. Alistair, who swore not to submit to a woman after his daughter's death, becomes intrigued by Sophia after a business meeting. Sophia, who has lost her husband and lives in London under an assumed identity to protect her daughter, finds herself attracted to both men, leaving her in a dilemma about who to choose.

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Dangerous Obsession

Ethan, overcome by desire, recognizes that his jealousy drove Sophia away and faces the underworld to get her back. Alistair, now with Sophia, reveals his darker side, testing her, but with caution so as not to lose her. Sophia, enveloped by Alistair's intensity, fears that he will discover a mistake from her past and reject her, as she sees this mistake as unforgivable.

Watch the trailer for the Doge's Ball that Ethan and Sophia attended in Venice.
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Untamd Passion

Ethan, feeling the void left by Sophia, plans to get closer to her professionally, especially with Alistair distant. Alistair, after pushing Sophia away, recognizes his mistakes and seeks a chance at redemption. Sophia, reluctant to get involved again, faces a greater challenge: returning to Brazil and confronting her role in a dangerous game of revenge.

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Unbroken Love