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Order your autographed book

and other exclusive merchandise that you will only find here!

You can buy as many books as you want. And ask for autographs at all of them. Just follow the steps below!


OR... Have you already bought your book and want to get an autograph from Cris, but you don't live in Rio de Janeiro? It's also possible.look here.


You live in Rio, do you want to get an autograph and meet Cris? You can arrange a group of friendly readers to arrange a chat with Cris. Just send oneemail.

Open your preferred payment app and scan one of the codes below. Enter the correct value and then send me an emailemail or a direct via Instagram, or fill in theform below, with proof and name for the dedication.

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 12.29.36.png
PIX - Cris - Nubank.jpeg

Cristiane Serruya

CPF. 883.833.347-53

NuBank - Bco 260

Ag. 0001 - c/c 95193881-8

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 12.18.25.png
PIX - Itau - Cris.jpeg

Cristiane Serruya

CPF. 883.833.347-53

Itau - Bco 341

Ag. 4095 - c/c 09.720-2

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 12.28.38.png
PIX - Cris - NEON.jpeg

Cristiane Serruya

CPF. 883.833.347-53

Neon (Bco Votoratim) - Bco 655

Ag. 0655 - c/c 7104166-4

Values for series with national shipping already included*

* The values informed are for PIX or TED for Itaú, NuBank, Banco Neon or cash payment or PicPay.


You can pay in installments in up to 3 installments for PayPal. Unfortunately, the price has a small increase, butBut it's always another option.

Some observations:

  • The shippingwithin the national territory is included in the price stated, in accordance with the registered form. The estimated time to arrive at your home, after confirming your payment, varies from: 6 to 13 business days. You will receive an email/message with the registration number once the book is on its way.

  • The dedication: write your name as you want it to appear in the dedication (it can be a diminutive, a nickname or your full name), without errors.

  • If you want to give this book to someone, you can choose to have me write the dedication for youor leave a space for yourself to make the dedication and just sign and date the book;

  • If placing an order outside of Brazil, please contact us via email or Direct via Instagram;

  • If you would like to make a larger purchase and would like to know the 'package' price, please get in touch. 

  • Be very specific and I will do everything and more to make you happy.

Still have questions? Send me one e-mail.

Keep an eye out, there will be lots of news here soon!

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