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Keeping the flame of love alive!

Another Valentine’s Day arrives and everyone begins to reflect on love. Those who have not yet found their significant other, wonder where he/she is; those who already have theirs, are thankful for having found such a special someone and wonder about kindling the romance.

I’ve been married 25 years now. Those of you who already have married time on your shoulders will understand me when I say that I do not look at my husband with those shining eyes all the time. There are those boring daily tasks, the children’s problems, bills waiting to be paid, and, you know, a high number of factors that do not contribute to the routine of a couple who is together for some time. It’s a challenge to keep the flame alive.

However, it is our job—meaning mine and his—to find ways to keep the feeling which united us a long time ago alive, and to help each other remember all the good motives which brought us together. Elegant dinners, gifts, and trips are a great way to keep the flame burning, but it is not always possible. Besides, we know true love resides in small gestures.

On this Valentine’s Day I want to invite you to reflect on why you decided to join your toothbrushes. What did you see in them that made you think “He/She is the one?” What do you guys like to do together since you were dating?

Take the time to talk while drinking a wine, or watch a movie snuggled on the sofa after you have put the children to bed. Your call. But forget work, tomorrow’s tasks, and the fatigue, and allow yourself to go back to that time when there were no such obligations and it was just you two.

Since it’'s Carnival here and a big holiday to boot, me and my six-foot-six husband (the kids, the dog, and the mother-in-law) are going to Angra dos Reis, a beach paradise nearby our home. But we have promised each other we’ll take some special time just for the two of us.

I am sure this will be a more than special Valentine’s Day for all of us!

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