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Plans and contingencies

New Year Resolutions. Do you make them?

I don't.

I think it is important to have goals organized, yes. And, of course, within a certain timeframe, otherwise they would be only dreams. I do everything possible to accomplish my plans. After all, writing is a commitment that requires dedication and deadlines.

For me, this is a daily routine and not a once upon a year thing. the beginning of each year, I plan and organize everything I would like to get accomplished during said year, but life does not always happen as we plan, right? Maybe it's a sudden harsh flu, or an unpredictable pregnancy, or even (God forbid!) a financial setback and boom! our plans are delayed.

And this is so frustrating.

In my January release, Royal Love, the heroine is Siobhan Faulkner, a young woman who works as a waitress during the day and dreams of opening her own jewelry at night. But an unexpected event completely changes the direction of her life, making her review her choices.

Will that be good or bad?

Without spoiling the story for you, let me tell you Siobhan sees this detour as a new opportunity and as a chance for her dreams to come true. Well, but that happens only after she struggles with Angus's arrogance and stubborness for a while.

I can fairly say Siobhan is more or less like me, because I try to make these unforeseen life events become my allies, or at least something that do not cause me lots of frustration. Often these little deviations along the way can become a new road to new goals and... why not, new dreams?

This is how I face these mishaps of life: as new opportunities!

And you, how do you deal with New Year's resolutions and the infamous deviations?

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