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Would you be my princess?

To become a princess is constantly part of the dreams of many girls and even some women. Be it a princess of her own kingdom or to be rescued to another royal reality by a prince in a white stallion.

Once in a lifetime, dreams come true.

We've been seing normal women stepping into crystal slippers. From Grace Kelly to Kate Middleton. And now, Meghan Markle.

We are going to have another royal wedding. Wow! Now, that's a kind of event that awakens the imaginary of many women. Besides the idea of having a life far from ordinary entices! A girl can dream in her free time, right? *wink*

But princesses are under a lot of pressure in some aspects that us, commoners, don’t even begin to imagine. They’re always on the spotlight and have to think about every move, every word, and even their clothes are millimetrically planned. It sounds exhausting, doesn't it?

That’s why Siobhan Faulkner, the heroine of Royal Love, my January 2018 release, has never dreamt of becoming a princess, much less the wife of a...king.

It's so far away from her reality that she would rather have more palpable dreams.

For her, to be a princess of her own reality, surrounded by her foster brother's love is worth more than any jewel of the crown; and the back garden house he lends her to live in, in a Londoner suburb, is as special as any castle.

But fate put Angus Augustus Braxton-Lennox, King of Lektenstaten, an European principality, in her way.

And now, she’s pregnant and Angus is adamant she marries him.

But Siobhan needs more than to be part of the royal family to fell like a real princess. She needs love...something Angus doesn't have to give.

If this scenario wasn't complicated enough, there’s more: an enemy of the crown bent on having her revenge!

Drop by and read an excerpt of Royal Love!

See you there!


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