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Secrets and Lies

We all have a secret which we hide even from ourselves. When we talk about whom we love, having a secret can be risky. We are afraid of that the moment when the other sees a side of ours that even we do not like, they will stop loving us. To keep this secret safe, we sometimes wind up lies.

In Damaged Love, my new romance releasing October 19th, Richard lies to his fiancée, Giulianna, ending their engagement, keeping from her that he lost his legs in an IED explosion. He feared she might honor her vows out of misguided loyalty. And worse, that she would reject him.

And the secret grew, when he lies again, not telling his family he was the one responsible for breaking their engagement.

What he didn't realize was that fate would put her on his path again.

Will the truth be enough to mend their Damaged Love?

Can those who love us forgive a lie? Will they continue at our side despite knowing our worst secret? Is love even greater than all that?

What do you think? Tell me in the comments! I want to see if you agree with Richard, or with Giulianna, or if you have a whole different opinion!

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Yours in steamy reading,

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