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Men, Vanity, and Disabilities

Much has been said about female beauty, but we forget to report that men also have their vanity. And when it's affected, this has a huge impact on their self-esteem.

In my next romance, DAMAGED LOVE, I tell the story of Captain Group Lord Richard Smith, a billionaire and war veteran who lost his legs after stepping on a IED on Afghanistan.

Fearing that his bride Giulianna would keep his vows out of compassion, he ended the relationship without telling her the truth. Now, they will meet again and we will find out if love will speak loud enough for them.

Men can be just as vulnerable as women when it comes to physical appearance. Some do not outgrow the coming of age or even the marks that life leaves.

So, I was delighted when I discovered the work of photographer Michael Stokes! The connection to my new romance was immediate!

Michael's idea came after photographing a US Navy soldier, Alex Minsky, who had a leg amputated as he passed his truck over a bomb in Afghanistan. He created an innovative project to show the beauty of men and women who went to war, fought for their country, and returned alive, ready for a fresh start. To this end, he asked the amputee veterans to remove their clothes and show their naked bodies. He gathered all the pictures and put together a book titled "Bare Strength" (you can buy it on Amazon).

Stay tuned to know more about my new romance, Damaged Love!

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