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Between the sheets: Sexiest movies of all time

Some films made history lavishing sensuality in steamy and hot erotic scenes.

Here there is a brief selection to watch, preferably in good company!

Starring none other than Catherine Deneuve, La Belle du Jour is a pretty bold plot for 1967. A rich and sensuous young woman goes to a discreet brothel wishing to realize her sexual fantasies and discover the pleasure which her husband fails to give her.

Classic of classics, Last Tango in Paris tells the story of Paul (Marlon Brando), a man tormented by the death of his wife, who gets involved with a 20-year-old woman ready to satisfy all his sexual desires in a Paris apartment. The film shows the first anal sex scene of cinema.

With an erotic script and a tantalizing soundtrack, Closer is considered a straight-to-the-point, unashamed, and well-resolved movie. Its characters have agreements and disagreements which deal with the libido of those who are on this side of the screen.

Despite the slow pace of the narrative, Eyes Wide Shut unravels the concepts of monogamy. A doctor, played by Tom Cruise, enters a secret cult where orgies happen after his wife (Nicole Kidman) confesses to having sexual feelings for another man. Stanley Kubrick lends it his genius touch.

Starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke, 9 and 1/2 Weeks involves scenes of increasingly intense erotic games that go beyond control. It was carried away by the intense pace of the characters and even makes a reflection on the persuasive (?) and dominating behavior of Mickey Rourke's character.

The Piano, Oscar winner in three categories, brings Holly Hunter in the skin of a woman who communicates through his piano. Unhappy in an arranged marriage, she ends up getting involved with a man who begins to teach her to play the instrument. The classes saw audacious sexual encounters.

Independent, sexy, and fulfilled Louise (Marie Gillain) of The Pleasure is All Mine loses the ability to feel sexual pleasure and begins a desperate search to retrieve it. The masturbation scene on the carousel alone makes the movie worth watching.

The evolving relationship of a young couple is told in a super-realistic way in 9 Songs. Between rock concerts and steamy hot encounters, the film has a modern approach and a kind of homemade touch.

If Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas are already hot individually, picture them together in a movie full of steamy scenes. Clothing and sets from the late 19th century Cuba only increase the climate of betrayal and mystery in the plot of Original Sin.

In the Brazilian film Entre Lençois (Between the Sheets), Reinaldo Gianecchini’s and Paolla Oliveira’s characters meet each other in a night-club and go to a motel. There, they discuss their love life and share personal revelations. It is noteworthy that the costumes used are minimal and the couple spends almost all time between the sheets.

Do you have other tips? Tell me!


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