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Do you know what is the most played sport in the Olympic Games?

450,000 condoms are being distributed for the athletes during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro! In a quick calculation, each athlete may have an average of six sexual relationships per day of competition. Wow! Double thumbs up for safe sex!!

It will be difficult to control the level of sexual disposition rolling in the Olympic Village since the free sex modality is—gasp!—a rule, and not an exception in the Olympic competitions.

Stories abound about endless parties among athletes (many of them well-known). Sydney (2000) and Barcelona (1992) were two of the most popular in terms of Homeric parties. And London (2012) was not far behind! There are reports of the practice of sex outdoors modality on the lawns of the Londoner Olympic Village.

Will sex—the oldest and most widely-known modality of all sports—be the main warming-up for major disputes?

Said parties usually take place as the competitions end, so not to affect the performance before the tests. The need for sexual abstinence before competing is somewhat controversial. According to scientists and researchers who study the relationship between sex and sports practice, the wear on these athletes during a sex relationship is minimal, even smaller than the warm-up exercises, and they even claim that sexual practice has its positive effects as it increases levels of endorphins, the neuro-hormone responsible for the well-being feeling. Lack of sexual sport activity can be more negative for the performance than not.

With so many beautiful, healthy, full of energy, young people living in the Carioca Olympic Village it is no wonder that the fire there is burning hotter than the Olympic Flame!

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