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Why I keep writing!

At each end of a month, as I receive my royalty statements, I wonder why I keep writing and if I shouldn't stop and go back to my put-on-hold, much more profitable career as a lawyer.

Today, I realized the why: it's because readers such as "q_unq" and "Glinda Könyvey" exist! And also my fans who always get in touch with me, sharing their--and mine--love for my books, and my fantastic mates at Cris's Street Team.

Here I share with you the posts which gave me strength to continue!

Glinda found a perfect photo to represent wifely silver-pale Laetitia, the female lead in Love Painted in Red.

Then, she chose one quote, from a passage on chapter 22:


“Why the bloody hell would someone do this to you?” he asked hoarsely. “What kind of monsters did you live with?”

She craned her neck to gaze into his face. “Humans.”

And last, she tweeted about it, saying she had loved the book.

So perfect! I red. :-) Thank you so much, Glinda.

Then we have q_unq

You can follow her on Instagram, if you wish. She has lovely posts there with such nice and selected quotes!

She posted 2 quotes on Instagram. The first one was for Love Painted in Red:

And the second was of TRUST Series 1-8:

I wasn't able to reproduce her beautiful posts here, but you will find them and many others on q_unq profile on Instagram.

By the way, both of the aforementioned books are on #KindleUnlimited, so you all can read it for #free! :-) Yay!

With sweet readers like these, what an author could ask for more?

Thank you, gals! Know it is for you that I keep writing! :-)

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