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Allergies… And sun hats.

Due to the use – or should I call it abuse? – of my computer, I developed a terrible allergy on my face. The glare was toasting my skin.

It became so bad I was forbidden to use computers, tablets, had to lower my iPhone screen light and was using drugs to control the pain, plus a strong sunblock – even inside my house – and hats.

Now, I’m better, but on parole.

I still have to shy away from my lovely gadgets a few hours per day and continue to use the sunblock and hats.

In my closet, I had three straw sun hats, a plain light one, another a bit darker embroidered in dark royal blue and another plain darker, but after days using the same beige tones, I needed something more… hmm… fashionable.

I discovered a small shop which sold from Panamas to Stetsons, from Fedoras to Ascot caps, and, of course, sun hats, in every size and color. What was best, I could customize them with my own ribbons and flowers.

I went crazy and bought four beautiful ones.

This is just one of them: In deep purple lightweight straw, I customized it with an deep orange ribbon and added a light orange gauze flower, finishing with a bow on the side.

Me and Marcelo, owner of Aba Chapéus

As you can see, I made a sweetened lemonade from the lemon life gave me!

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