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Happy New Year!

I am so excited about 2016! Finally, after more than a year of pregnancy, the inside illustrations of my first Kid's story,The Kingdom of Perfection, are done. The cover is in the oven. I'm hoping to publish it in April. I am also going to publish a new edition of The Modern Man / O Homem Moderno, in May or June, and its female POV, probably by September. I'm writing feverishly Love Written in Red and I'll get in touch with my beta readers after The Kingdom of Perfection is out. I'll be posting about news on the books here, in my FB page,, and on my website, I'd like to thank all my friends and readers who participated in the Xmas giveaways I did the whole month of December.

To claim your prize, which I’ll be sending next week, please email me, providing the following information: - Full name and address; - Those you won a T-shirt, I'd gladly provide your size, as long as you aren't thinner and shorter than my young teenage niece (a female Small) nor taller and broader than my six-foot-six husband (a male XXX-Large). smile emoticon - All my books are on Kindle Unlimited, if you wish to read them - If you’re excited about winning, I’d love for you to share your win with our fans and followers - and yours too! And if you wish to be featured on my page, wearing your Trust Trilogy T-shirt, nitegown, holding The Modern Man paperback or just smiling, send me your photo, and a confirmation that’s it okay for me to publish it (this one is totally optional). If you have any questions, fire away, I’m happy to help. If I don’t hear back from you in fifteen days, I’ll have to select another winner. For those who have already send their information, please disregard this warning. Rebecca Larsen and Lady Mirlou, who won two heart-shaped bookmarks, let me know if you'd rather exchange one bookmark for The Modern Man paperback. Again, congratulations!

P.S. - I won't be online much over the next two months, as I'll be traveling to a place where the internet is on and off -- more off than not. It's summer here - Uff! The heat! - so I'm taking my daughters on vacations.

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