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My unbridled imagination… Should I leash it?

A dear Goodreads’s friend and reader of my essay The Modern Man / O Homem Moderno was impressed that TRUST TRILOGY had more than a hundred characters and around one-thousand five-hundred pages and that my new erotic romance, Love Written in Blood-Red was growing fast, too fast for a stand-alone, my initial idea.

He suggested I should shorten the story. I challenged him to help me. A few hours later, came his answer: “Maybe you should make it bigger!” Along with it he proposed a funny theme for another trilogy: “A nymphomaniac and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra”.

What started with his suggestion for a seemingly simpler way to shorten a story, the new theme scribbled itself in my mind, characters popping with physical and psychological characteristics, names and all, and their roles in the story. Here it is a rough planning draft.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the nymphomaniac: Fräulein Lieb Liebchen.

Fräelien Liebchen is a platinum-blonde, big-breasted, narrow-waisted, curvy, tall Soprano with a secretive look and cat-like walk. She is perfect for a contemporaneous, western Madame Butterfly role (everything to please the reader!) and, as every prima-dona, has her fits every now and then.

The main instrumentalists and sex partners – not necessary in this order:

- Zing Zang, wiry thin, small-breasted, slick black-hair, pouty mouth Japanese woman bangs on the huge four timpani; - Geoffrey Connor, pot-bellied, green-eyed, bald, funny Irish, delicately breathes on the flute; - Stephen Cotton, a large and tall, broad-smiled Afro-American, plugs the harp; - Maria Martinez, coal-eyed, sexy Spanish, using a long braid over her shoulder, blows the saxophone; - Andrea Cesare, a blond-haired, blue-eyed baritone-voiced Italian, as the privileged spala, tests the bow, and fingers his violin guts; - João José da Silva Damião, a too handsome, hot blooded, sun-bathed, brown haired macho-man Brazilian, as the piano soloist, lets his elegant fingers caresses the keys; - Piotr Sergeevich Radibiesvky, a graying pale-blond haired, with gray eyes, strict noble Russian, as its distinguished maestro.

(My imagination continues working fervently… but let’s keep it “simple and short” for the moment.)

As the Philharmonic travels around the world to present itself, Fräulein Lieb Liebchen creates such havoc in its rehearsals, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff are being played out of tune.

A kiss is exchanged behind the curtains. A quickie is performed on back stage. A hot sex S&M scene is enacted in a state box. Orgies are enjoyed every other night.

(Enough for now. I’ll describe them graphically in the book.)

Love, jealousy and drama will journey in the cellos’ cases and luggages in Austrian Airlines. Crimes are conceived in the early hours of morning before the first class breakfast is served. Evil ideas whispered behind hands in dark corners after the disaster of the last presentation. Small pieces of papers tossed in the fire of ancient castles marble hearth. Evidences destroyed; or so they think…

None of the instrumentalists have a credible alibi when Fräulein Lieb Liebchen goes missing one night. Of course, they were all sleeping. Alone. Or with each other.

Fräulein’s estranged brother, Markus Liebchen, appears to claim her 10million euros life insurance.

Austrian Staatspolizei finds a bloody knife in Wiener Staatsoper’s bowels. Interpol is called. Detective Vermeer is in charge of the case. Scotland Yard and FBI can’t resist to intervene in the investigations alleging their citizens need their protection.

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is an in uproar as time passes and no solution in found. They call Monsieur Poirot, who sends an email to Edward Snowden, former CIA, now in asylum, in a hidden place in Russia. Happy he could help destroy a few more lives, Snowden leaks more secrets, this time on Radibiesvky, and – lo and behold – his ex-lover, Fräulein Lieb Liebchen, whose identity is, in reality, Miss Eva Libertine, age and nationality still unknown.

Is Fräulein Lieb Liebchen – or rather, Miss Eva Libertine – dead? If she is, who is the culprit?

All the mentioned above is a mere glimpse of what is bound to happen, because: The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is huge and their instrumentalists are single, married, divorced, and widow/widower, therefore they have wives, husbands, daughters, sons, cousins, …; The Interpol, Scotland Yard and FBI detectives team up, showing their badges proudly and working in pairs, in groups and in gangs; The taxi driver; the hotel clerk; the pilot; the seduced steward; the Chanel and Hermès saleswomen; the snubbed maid and perverted gardener; the eager stable master; they all have something to say about Fräulein Lieb Liebchen unorthodox way of life; Agatha Christies’s heirs are trying to get Monsieur #Poirot back into her books; President Barack Obama and the CIA seek to discover Snowden’s computer IP; Metrosexual, president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, shirtless and displaying his fit body, rows on beautiful but polluted Baikal lake, ordering the Chairman of supposedly extinct KBG to keep Snowden well hidden and to re-open the investigation on Maestro Radibiesvky’s life;

Prude Amazon threatens to unpublished the digital ebook; Hollywood filming companies queue in my front door, making indecent proposals; and I am chasing my reader to read the monster he had helped create.

Discover it all on my new short story of 2020 words pages, to be released in 2020, with God’s, the Philharmonic’s – and, of course, my reader’s – help.

So, stand-alone or trilogy? Only time will tell.

Until then.

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