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2015 and… A belated welcome to 21st century!

While I was thinking about what I should write for my first blog post of 2015, I re-read a filed article which stated that a man that had extreme daltonism – not even shades of gray (!!) but black-and-white – was using a device to hear the colors.

He said that it was even more beautiful to hear the colors of the products in a supermarket than the ones of nature. Yes, you didn’t read wrongly.

He preferred to be inside a supermarket looking at products than to be outside in a park listening to a bird singing.

My eyesight is perfect and it must be terrible to not be able to see, but… really?

I’m not judging him at all but I’m judging the ones who make such products that distract our attention from more beautiful sounds, sights and scents.

And the question is: What are we doing to ourselves?

I’m not begrudging technology and I’m not proposing we abdicate of all the recently gained comforts it brings.

I think we should call a stop to think – a pause to breathe, if out-of-control technology let us.

Because this is the twenty-first century: hundreds of new transgenic animals and plants; genetically engineered viruses, plants, animals and even humans; advanced artificial intelligence; robotic and human exploration of the solar system; full time online connection, volatile financial markets; and the final demise of the religious and philosophical worldview as a peaceful and coexistence place to live.

Exhilarating, isn’t it?

Is that who we really want to be in the future?

Not me. I’m even more decided to appreciate what I have. Because I don’t know if when I lose what I take for granted, I will be fooled by what I would not choose if I had my intact and full faculties.

Before I forget, belated welcome 2015 and Happy New Year to all my friends and readers!!


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