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Characters… Do they relate to the author’s life?

Writing a book is like breeding a child.

The author has to be pregnant with the story and then born the characters and raise them with a purpose to tell or teach oneself – or for those authors who think themselves gods: the world.

After all, they have to leave a message for the readers.

As the story is finished, of course, the writer falls in love – or hates – some of the created characters.

It was not different with me. In the TRUST TRILOGY, Sophia, Ethan and Alistair were like my babies, and more than once I caught myself thinking how wonderful would be to spend some time with them.

Now the same is happening with Love Written in Blood-Red. I’m in love with Tavish Uilleam and Hannah.

And yes! I am all a part of them and they are all parts of myself.

I think Sophia and Hannah would be a great friend.

And what can I say about Alistair Connor and Tavish Uilleam?! These two Highlander hunks are something to die for!

And then we have the bad boys – or the antagonists.

Hmm… Now. I’m not a part of those guys but as Freud would say, in the Id there is a wild, instinctual fighter that wants to survive no matter what.

But it still scares the hell out of me when I think of it…

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