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Wrongs and Rights…and suicide.

It’s so easy to point a finger at other people. It’s so easy to put the blame on them and talk incessantly about theses of how to live. It’s so easy to judge.

Everyone has answers and solutions to others’ problems and pains. Everyone has advices, whether on “Right” or “Wrong”. Especially after the supposed wrong thing is done.

Few actually are able to silence and listen to someone, put themselves in the others’ shoes.

Our generation is sick, is sad. Why? I don’t know.

However, I know we have less time to others. Usually, the most sensitive and special people tend to have less tolerance to this way we are living.

Yesterday, Robin Williams, a great man, a spectacular actor, a star, in the full acceptation of the word, could no longer see his own happiness in this world.

He was sad; sad with himself. He stopped laughing. His air left him. He committed suicide. (Supposedly.)


Oh, but why? He had everything!

Had he?

No, he hadn’t.

Something was missing. He was de-pressed.

We can not trivialize depression. It’s a disease. A terrible one.

We have to be strong; we need to seek balance, yes. There is treatment for depression, yes. I know this because I have been there and I’m here now.

But when you are depressed, the world is bleak and black. Not everyone has patience for such a strange place like that. I guess it was even harder for one who, one day, was full of laugh.

Who are we to judge? Instead of making judgements, we have to help those in need and strengthen those we love.

RIP, Robin Williams, I, for one, had so much fun with you. I hope my words and prayers illuminate the dark place your were in and that now you can find comfort in Heaven, knowing that you made many children and adults happy with your heart-warming, so-funny-it-hurts films.

I’m so sorry you are gone in this sad way, alone (!), but I’m sure there is one new bright star in the sky tonight.


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