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Faked interests…

As an author and a reader, I’ve been upset for a few weeks about the lack of character that has been corrupting the people here in Goodreads.

Maybe writing about it might help me cope with my disgust better.

It makes me sad seeing people faking interest in literary work, just to make money, and not because they are really curious about the story us, authors, created with so much affection.

There is a 4.8 star rated seller in, whom I will call “N.Y.”, that is selling Trust: A New Beginning for U$ 4.58 under the category BRAND NEW, which means she never even opened its cover.

Well, when I get paid, I receive much, much less than the price she is charging for it (and I’m not considering the tax discount). Even if I would order it directly from CreateSpace, with the author’s discount, it would cost me more, plus shipping. So, how does she manage this, I wonder?

But this is not the end of the story: I’m pretty sure N.Y. is a giveaway winner. How did I discover that? She only has one book per title; all the other books she is selling have been in GRs giveaways, and she priced them all incredibly cheap, so I’m imagining she received the books for free in exchange for an honest review… Honest review she never wrote because she never read any of the books. I contacted a few authors to inform them about it, and from one that is also a lawyer and a long time author, I received a pragmatic answer: Don’t lose your time with this. It happens a lot and I don’t even care anymore. It’s not worth it.

It’s shocking how people are getting numb…

What astonishes me more is that N.Y. is negotiating my book on Amazon, the same company that prints it and, of course, wants to sell it for its real price. She didn’t even do it on e-bay, as a few have done, or put it under the category of used books. The gall!

Hmm, and no, I’m not feeling better now that I have spilled it because N.Y. will continue to perpetrate her crime and the case will continued to be dealt unfairly.

Anyway, the case is in the open now. And no, I’ll never let unfairness pass by. It doesn’t matter if it’s leaf falling on a cleaned ground or an elephant destroying a glass house, we must not close our eyes to it.

If Justice is blind, per her own reasons, I’m watching you.

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