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Secrets about Romans and sex. Alistair Connor tells you about it.

Fair warning! Numismatic pornography in some links.

Romans loved sex. And, of course, I, the mighty Alistair Connor, do too!!

There’s a funny and real story about what happened a few years ago concerning sex, Romans and Londoners.

A Spintriae was found in London. Chef pastry Regis Cursan found this token near Putney Bridge. When he realized what the saucy picture meant, he had a fit of laughter. Well, the Spintriae were ancient Roman coins that depicted sex scenes.

Also a few Spintriae were found recently near Hadrian Wall… err – close to Ells Hall, my ancestors’ lands.

The Spintriae are dated to around the first century AD and bronze made and all carry a number on the reverse, though the story behind them may not be too accurate. A popular theory maintains that the sex act depicted on each coin corresponds to the price listed in the opposite face, but this isn’t known for sure and that they were used to distinct and mark sexual services or prostitutes.

I cannot affirm that my ancestors payed women- Ooops, Sophia comes in. See you next time.

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