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About Winter Time

It’s so funny to see how people are flabbergast when I say I LOVE winter time, snow, rain and all that stuff. The least I hear is that I’m crazy.

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful city, and Cariocas are a warmth people. That’s why foreigners are bewitched. They use to say that Cariocas live where everybody wants to spend their vacation. Well, to each his own… Looking at the bright side of living here, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

And as they say, God is brazilian!

But let me explain, although I’m a Carioca, as Sophia Leibowitz from the TRUST TRILOGY, most part of my life I live in Rio de Janeiro. And we have no winter! The lowest grades we get range from 24 to 17 centigrade Celsius on a very ‘cold’ day.

I miss the colder winter weather. I love winter clothes, the cold, brisky air and the snow. I love the foggy days and rainy afternoons. I miss wearing my scarfs, gloves, fancy coats and pretty winter hats. They spend months relegated to boxes in my closet, poor dearlings!

What about the kids? It’s so cute seeing them on the streets like little fluffy toys, isn’t it?

And little girls dressed fashionably as girly teenagers.

Real Cariocas love their famous Brazilian Havaianas and sandals. Wearing bikinis and trunks, they spend their weekdays lazily tanning and drinking beers, chatting comfortably with their friend’s.

Yeah, maybe sunbathing is easier than having to shove the snow from your entrance door; Or having to get out of your bed when your blanket – or a warm body – seems to be your best choice. But isn’t it nice to do snow angles?

Have you thought about our poor business workers that slave awya under a scorching sun, a high humidity and forty-five degree Celsius wearing suits?

The point is the grass is always greener on the other side. What to do? Enjoy both if you can.

A warm hug from a not that hor Rio de Janeiro,

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