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Can a pair of jeans be elegant enough?

With cuffed jeans, on Paris!

We all know Sophia is not just a great lawyer, but a perfect It-girl. So, shall we talk about clothes? Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Everybody loves diamonds, including Sophia, but there’s no piece of clothing that helps a girl more than a good pair of jeans. And I have to say that, today, jeans are not seen just as a casual wear. You can look like a top model combining a comfortable pair of jeans with other elegant clothing and accessories.

First of all, let’s say that dark jeans are more sophisticated than light ones. Today, the skinny type is the most common, but it better suits women with long legs and narrow hips. A revival is flared jeans, with its wide legs. They work well on all kinds of bodies.

For refined looks, the tip I can give is mixing jeans with trendy tops andshoes that are dazzling. You can use fine fabrics such as lacework, silkand satin. For work looks – if your work allows it, of course – you can wear jeans with a blazer. It gives the trousers an elegant touch.

Another thing that must be considered is the accessories. A beautifulnecklace, or earrings and bracelets, are totally welcome to a good pair of jeans.

Remember the first gifts Ethan gave Sophia? In the middle of those many shopping bags there was a pair of skinny light jeans.

Now, can you imagine them matching Louis Vuitton sun glasses, Chanel high heels or an Hermès Kelly bag? Incredible!

Quite elegant!
For a sunny, happy day, put this look together!

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