Tons de Emoção

A Série Emoção Original

Onde tudo começou...

Encontre Sophia, Ethan, e Alistair nesta sedutora série de suspense romântico feita de luxo, luxúria, and amor!

Entwined Fates couple

Dois bilionários que nunca falham em conseguir o que querem.

Ambos querem a mesma mulher. Só um a conquistará.

Publicação começando em Maio de 2020!

Destinos Entrelaçados

Série EMOÇÃO, livro 1

Dangerous Obsession by USA TODAY bestselling author Cristiane Serruya cover

Obsessão Perigosa

Paixão Indomável

Untamed Passion by USA TODAY bestselling author Cristiane Serruya cover

Chama Irresistível

Unbroken Love by USA TODAY bestselling author Cristiane Serruya cover

Prêmios para os livros da Série Emoção

Gold Medal, Romance General, Readers’ Favorite International Literary Contest, 2013.

Bronze medal, Fiction - Women, Readers’ Favorite International Literary Contest, 2013.

Elogios para Série Emoção

“Cristiane Serruya is a master of characterization. (...) The depth of these characters is incredible. The intensity of the relationships will have the reader eagerly turning the pages. This is a must read for fans of romance.” ~ Readers’ Favorite


”It is one of those series that keeps you glued until the end and then once it gets over, you wonder where your life is finally headed to ! Book lovers would know that feeling well I suppose! :)” ~ Criti...que...don't criti...cize

“Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, a twist so crazy that you could have never imagined it is thrown your way. I loved this about this book.” ~ For the Luv of Sanity


“Fascinating story, it is very complex as it unfolds over time but well worth reading. Without giving too much away you can expect the unexpected.” ~ Musings from an Addicted Reader


“Cristiane Serruya created a book with all the elements I love: Two crazy possessive alpha males, a strong female character, drama, intensity, and most importantly ( huge grin ), the most erotic and sexual moments, without going overboard.” ~ SBook Lover’s Reviews

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