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Últimos da Realeza 

Welcome to Lektenstaten, Aragon, and Allemand home to the last eligible royals, stubborn, sexy hunks and their stubborn, stunning counterparts, and the dangerous criminals who want to see them dead. 

King Angus, Prince Javert, Grand-Duke Ludwig, Royal Duke Friedrich, and Princess Fiona and Lady Adelia from Lektenstaten; King Valantín Agustin and Princesses Angelica, Maria, and Anchela from Aragon; and King Kasper, Princes Joakim, Rhys, Haaken, and Princess Magna were born to royalty but that never impeded them to fight for their dreams. 

Os romances independentes da Série

All the Last  Royals titles can be read as standalone, though reading in order would give you a more enjoyable ride!


  • Amor Real – King Angus Augustus Braxton-Lenox & Siobhan Faulkner

  • Affair Real – Grand-Duke Ludwig Von Kröenenberg & Princess Angelica di Castella y Aragon​​


Coming soon!

  • Problema Real  – King Valantín Agustin di Castella y Aragon & Lauriana di la Caballeria

  • Fantasia Real – Royal Duke Friedrich Von Kröenenberg

  • Segredo Real  – Prince Rhys Lewis & Penelope MacPherson

  • Bebê Real – King Kasper Allemand & Kirsten Jormungandson

  • Natal Real -- Princess Fiona Braxton-Lenox Von Hausen & Prince Javert Romani Braxton-Lenox
  • Interlúdio Real -- Princess Anchela di Castella y Aragon & Jason Talbot
  • Confusão Real - Princess Maria Quitéria di Castella y Aragon
  • Casamento Real -- Lady Adelia Von Kröenenberg & Prince Joakim Allemand
  • Escândalo Real – Prince Haaken Allemand


* titles and release dates are subjected to change

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