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Spice up your relationship with aphrodisiac recipes!

Life can get to you sometimes, and we often become so bogged down in everyday

stresses the last thing in our mind is sex.

Still, physical intimacy is important and a healthy part of a committed relationship—and it goes without saying that it is the most pleasurable way to de-stress.

Don’t let intimacy with your partner take a backseat because of the daily routine.

How, you ask me? With aphrodisiac food! It’ll enhance your libido. Sounds great, right?

And what do you think about making an aphrodisic dinner to someone special?

Sounds even greater...and a scrumptious way to reconnect with one another. Especially, if your

partner is the one who is cooking it, right?

My suggestion for a delicious and very easy aphrodisiac dinner is an arugula and avocado salad, with olive oil—or some oysters, if you feel like—as starter...

Then how about General Tso’s Chicken? Easy and quick, this recipe has more than 5 aphrodisiac ingredients!

And for dessert: chocolate, of course! This one is a hit!

So just choose the menu, invite someone special and let the night begin...


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