Amor Imprevisível

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Você já leu Prelúdio Sombrio, a prequel para Amor Imprevisível? É GRÁTIS!

Ele precisa de uma mulher para salvar-lo de seu passado. 

Ela precisa de um homen para salvá-la das coisas horríveis que ela fez. 

Juntos, eles podem salvar um ao outro… Ou serem mortos.

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Elogios para Amor Imprevisível

“Cristiane Serruya is exceptionally good at what she does here. This is [Unpredictable Love] but it is Mrs. Serruya who raises her brush and thrusts it onto the canvass with passionate strokes. Five Stars.“ ~ Dks


“The fast pace will keep you turning pages, and you'll be swept up in the passion of Laetitia and Tavish's intense romance. This book gets five stars all the way!“ ~ J. Mitchell


“A delicately nuanced story of two fractured people who find each other, against all odds. Really well written with believable characters that practically walked off the pages. Loved it.“ ~ Avid Reader

What could be a cliché romance turns out to be a heart wrenching, hot, thrilling story about two broken and resilient human beings. ~ Alberto Finamore


Another stupendous romance [that] has it all: a well-written, beautiful story with original plot, great character development, hot sex scenes, and that touch of suspense and action [that] made [Unpredictable Love] a page-flipping exciting book! ~ Josie

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