Prelúdio Sombrio


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O futuro dela parece brilhante...

Eva is eighteen and in trouble. She’s carrying the secret child of a man she adores—a man that her fearsome father has forbidden her to see. 

The love of her life has proposed, and her father has drawn a hard line. If she runs away with him, she will lose her inheritance. If she stays home, she will lose her child, her lover, and the life she’s always dreamed of. 

Eva has a choice. She can either become the bad bitch or stay the good girl her family demands that she be. 

What happens in the end, Eva will never see coming. 

Let yourself be intrigued—and heartbroken—by this exciting and stunning novel of forbidden love that ends in a shocking cliffhanger. Start this illicit, sexy love series with SHADED LOVE by USA Today bestselling author Cristiane Serruya now for free! ​​


Mas existem sombras espreitando na esquina.

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Depois de Prelúdio Sombrio, leia a sequencia premiada, AMOR INESPERADO.

Elogios para Prelúdio Sombrio

"It was like reading Jane Austen or William Shakespeare but in modern English." ~ M. Richardson

"It is hard-hitting, not pretty but gets the reader in." ~ Wendy Loomes


"Gripping story with a very unexpected ending!" ~ EMW


"It reads easily but there are unexpected twists which knock you off your seat." ~ XO2read

"It has a unique story-line that captured my attention all the way through it." ~ Judy A Phillips


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